Violence in intimate relations

Adolescents subjected to violence in intimate relations


Studies show that each year approximately 19,500 women and 12,000 men aged 16-24 years have experienced psychological, physical or sexual violence in an intimate relation in Denmark. Adolescents who have been subjected to violence are susceptible to commit self-harm or suffer from depression or anxiety, even after the violence has ceased. Adolescents subjected to violence by a lover seldom seeks help; also, existing help is mainly targeted at adults.


The objective is to identify adolescent subjected to violence in intimate relations, and to offer participation in the Travellers Programme.

The Travellers Programme focuses on intervention and well-being, and invites adolescents to imagine they are travellers in their own lives. Each session will encourage personals skills to deal with changes, challenges and life.


Individual or group sessions.

Further information

The Travellers Programme will be available for adolescents who have been subjected to violence by their lover/former lover. Sessions will be held 8 times and will be supervised by trained Travellers Facilitators. Sessions will take place during school hours. Participation is free of charge

Travellers is developed by skylight in New Zealand.


Completed with Danish report.

Financial support

The project is financed by the Ministry for Equal Opportunities and Nordic Co-operation under the Action plan to combat violence in the family and intimate relations.


For further information contact the Interim Director of Centre and Travellers Facilitator Christina Petrea Larsen, email:

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