Youth Barometer

Youth Barometer  – Adolescents’ self-harming behaviour


In Denmark, there is no existing register over adolescents’ self-harming behaviour. The present study aims to create coherence between existing knowledge from registers and research results and new knowledge in order to target preventive initiatives.

Adolescents between 13 and 19 years of age are invited to participate via their schools. Those admitted to a hospital or diagnosed with a mental disorder are excepted.


The objective of the project is to uncover, analyse, and describe adolescents’ suicidal ideation, thoughts on self-harm, and self-harming behaviour. The study provides updated knowledge to the professionals who interact daily with the adolescents in order to prevent that serious thoughts on self-harm develop into self-harming actions.


The project is carried out via a web-based electronic questionnaire which includes themes such as self-harming behaviour, suicidal ideation, vulnerability etc. The questionnaire is answered at each school and data is subsequently processed at the Centre for Suicide Research.

The project is carried out at the schools that agree to participate. Participating schools will subsequently receive results from the specific school.




Results from each school are presented directly to the school. Nationwide results are presented at conferences, seminars, via newsletters, reports and this homepage.

Financial support

The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Housing and Senior Citizens.


For further information contact Academic Associate, MscPH Sarah Grube Jakobsen, email:, Administrative Assistant Anne Dinesen Clausen, email:

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