Centre for Suicide Research conducts research into risk and protective factors for suicidal and self-harming behviour. The Centre also collaborates nationally and internationally. Research Projects conducted at the centre are used as a foundation for the development of the welfare society and to emphasise tasks in relation to the vulnerable and weak people in society who are suicidal.

The stategy is

  • to contribute to the field of suicide research seen from the perspective of humanism and social science and to communicate knowledge based on research to practicians and the different levels in the policy-making process
  • to generate new, well documented knowledge about suicidal behaviour for the use of preventive measures
  • to initiate research projects in co-operation with research institutes, universities, practicians, researchers, politicians and others
  • to enter into the national and international research network intending to 1) throw a light on this field of research with an interdisciplinary approach and 2) develop the qualifications of the researchers at the centre

Ongoing research projects

Read about completed research carried through at the centre.

This page was last updated at 05/04/2023