Register for Suicide Attempts

Prevention of suicidal behaviour – Extension of the Register for Suicide Attempts



Knowledge of the extent of attempted suicides is found in the Register for Suicide Attempts. Data from 1990-2010 are collected from the former County of Funen, while data from 2011 are collected from the entire Region of Southern Denmark. The Centre for Suicide Research has now permission to collect data nationwide.


The objectives of the project are to

  • extend the datacollection from the Region of Southern Denmark to nationwide
  • produce new knowledge of risk factors for suicidal behaviour
  • contribute to the prevention of repeated suicide attempts and suicides


The project is carried out via

  • collection of case records on patients who comes in contact with a hospital after attempted suicide
  • combination of registers and the Register of Medicinal Product Statistics


The Centre for Suicide Research will initiate and coordinate contact with the Danish Regions, hospitals, and the responsible personnel at the emergency wards.



Financial support

The project is financial supported by H. Lundbeck Ltd.


For further information contact Interim Director of Centre and Health Academic Associate, Master of Health Science Christina Petrea Larsen, email:

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