Project ROS

Project ROS: implementation and feasibility of a gatekeeper intervention in schools with high-risk students


Because young people who have suicidal behaviour are reluctant to seek help, it is relevant to have a suicide prevention gatekeeper effort that aims to train teachers in schools in: knowledge to recognize suicidal behaviour, skills to be able to intervene and knowledge about referral sites. It is not about being able to treat, but about being able to prevent and intervene early and refer to relevant help and possibly treatment.

In evidence-based implementation, the focus is on strategies which strengthen an intervention becomes part of practice, so it is not enough that a suicide prevention effort consists of an educational program that includes knowledge and competencies, but that the effort is targeted at the barriers and promoting factors that exist at the individual schools.


Testing an evidence-based school-based suicide prevention effort that trains teaching staff to act as gatekeepers. And to strengthen the implementation of the intervention and use practice through the application of implementation science.

Methods: Multiple with needs assessments, including focus group interviews and surveys targeted  different groups at FGU schools, as well as an effect and feasibility study of the intervention.




FGU Trekanten


Danish Health Authority, Strengthening suicide prevention.

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