Suicidal Behaviour among Ethnic Minorities in Denmark


In recent years, questions about suicidal behaviour among immigrant women have been raised. So far, there has been very little research in the field. In Denmark, no research has yet uncovered suicidal behaviour among persons of other ethnic background than Danish, classified according to country of origin, descendents, immigrants etc. Based on the above, Centre for Suicide Research has initiated this pilot project.


The purpose of the project is to form a basis for a major study of suicidal behaviour among ethnic minorities in the Danish education system.


Since 2005, ethnic minorities have been defined as immigrants and descendents from Non-western countries. This definition also applies to the Statistics Denmark and the Ministry of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs.


Immigrants are persons born abroad by parents who are foreign citizens or born abroad. If no information is available of one parent, the criteria must be met by the remaining parent.


Descendents are persons born in Denmark of parents, of which neither is Danish citizen born in Denmark.

Non-western countries

The Non-western countries are all other countries but the following: the Nordic countries, EU countries, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican City State.

The mother’s country of origin is crucial. If the mother is originally from Pakistan and the father from Germany, the person is included in the Non-western group. If, however, the mother is from Germany and the father is from Pakistan the person will be excluded in the Non-western group.


Questionnaires at schools and institutions of education with many or a majority of students of other ethnic background


The project was financially supported by the Ministry of Social Welfare and was completed in 2009.


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