Research-based Prevention among Elderly Men


No existing research examines the ability of elderly men to cope with problems and possible harmful influences. No existing research examines the protective factors of the elderly men against suicide ideation, attempted suicides and suicides, neither is any research-based intervention targeted at elderly men.


  • to obtain knowledge of coping strategies and protective factors with the intention of communicating this knowledge to the elderly themselves, all relevant personnel, volunteers, and the general public (for instance close relations of the elderly). Knowledge of protective factors and coping strategies employed at certain predicaments may contribute greatly to the prevention of suicidal behaviour among the elderly.
  • to employ this knowledge in developing new methods of prevention targeted at the elderly themselves. Centre for Suicide Research is currently involved in a research-based intervention project (Travellers) targeted at vulnerable adolescents who commit self-harm. The project aims at teaching the adolescents how to cope with predicaments. This project contains several elements, which may form the basis of a similar intervention project targeted at the elderly (Life is a journey).
  • to examine the effect of prevention in short and long terms


  • Questionnaire
  • Interview


The project was conducted by the Centre for Suicide Research in collaboration with the Municipal of Odder. The project was financially supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs, now the Ministry of Children, Gender Equality, Integration and Social Affairs.


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