Register of Suicide Attempts

The Register of Suicide Attempts covers the period 1990-2016 and lists suicide attempts which result in contact to a hospital because of hospitalisation or visit at an emergency ward at a somatic or a psychiatric department with contact reason E4 (suicide, suicide attempt, deliberate self harm).

Since 2011, Centre for Suicide Research has extended the data collection area in order to become nationwide. Data for 2011 covers the entire Region of Southern Denmark while data for 2012-2016 covers the Regions of North Denmark and Zealand. For further information see the ongoing project Why do people attempt to commit suicide – Extension of the Register for Suicide Attempts.

Data for the Register is collected by Centre for Suicide Research on the basis of case records from emergency sections and hospitalisations. The register contains app. 10.000 suicide attempts carried out by ca. 6.000 individuals. Many of the suicide attempters have attempted more than once.

The Register contains information about the suicide attempt method, date and exact hour of the attempt and to what extent the attempt results in hospitalisation. In addition, information about the individual is registered – that is sex, age, marital status and living arrangements, nationality and municipality of residence, education, occupation and economy. The register is used for working out statistics of suicide attempts and for research.

The article Register for Suicide Attempts in Danish Medical Journal describes the Register in further detail.

From the Danish Bank of Statistics one can generate data from the Registers. For statistical information in English, please contact the centre on

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